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Case Studies

A range of cases covering international, local and subject specific material can be found at the following places:


1. The WBS Case Writing Centre

Download WBS Case Study Collection 2018


WBS is the only business school in South Africa to have a dedicated case centre. Case studies bring real-world business challenges into the classroom for students to address, and create a context for discussing and analysing business processes that is seldom generated using traditional teaching methods.
While WBS uses many international cases in its courses, the real-world decisions, companies and scenarios depicted in these cases are not always applicable in the South African context. Moreover, the South African business environment has unique characteristics that cannot be depicted in cases set in international contexts.
WBS has a team of case writers - three full time and five freelance - who work with academics to produce timely, relevant cases to current challenges facing business and society. The case centre has developed more than 140 cases on companies as diverse as AngloGold, SABMiller, Nando's, Discovery, Harley Davidson®, Avis, and Young Designer's Emporium and Capitec Bank. The cases cover all areas of business and management; including strategy, organisational design and development, entrepreneurship, internationalisation, operations management and human resources. They are made available to academics and course facilitators for use in the classroom or for exam purposes through the WBS website and through the European Case Clearing House (ECCH). As a result of our presence on ECCH, our cases are now also used in other South African and international universities and business schools.
Academic and educational institutions may order WBS cases. To order a case or for more information, simply email Gerda Whiteman at case.centre@wits.ac.za or contact her telephonically on +27 (0)11 717 3922.



2. Association of African Business Schools Case database: www.aabschools.com

Over 250 African case studies are listed in the AABS case study database. The database shows the details of the case study and the abstract.  To order the case study you will need to contact the institution or case clearing house listed alongside the case study. Many of the cases are housed at the ecch. Fees will vary depending on the case, where it originated, what it is to be used for, the number of students using it and whether you are a member or not of that particular institution. Each institution will be able to provide a guideline as to the costs involved. All fields in the case studies are searchable. In order to seach the case studies database you will need to type in keywords. Go to www.aabschools.com to access the searchable case study database.

3. Case Place: www.caseplace.org 

Helps you find some of the best cases, references, and commentary published by and for business educators and business executives. It also incorporates social impact management, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics.

4. ECCH www.ecch.com

ecch is and independent, educational, non-profit, membership based organisation with no share capital and are a registered charity. As part of their non-profit status, they currently have over 500 educational and corporate member organisations from across the globe. 

ecch offer a large collection of management case study material to be found anywhere in the world, a reprint service for a growing number of leading international management articles and individual chapters for a range of management books. They are dedicated to promoting and facilitating case study based learning in management education and development. The organisation was established by the business school community to fulfill its needs to provide a mechanism for publishing and distributing case study materials. 

Find out more at ecch.com >


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