Who Can Be A Member?

SABSA represents the top 20 business schools across South Africa
Who can be a member?

There are four categories of membership: Ordinary membership, Associate membership, Affiliate membership and Reciprocal membership.

  • Ordinary membership is offered to business schools that offer the MBA or the MBL degree accredited by the South African Council on Higher Education.
  • Associate membership can be offered to a South African educational institution if it has applied for accreditation / or is in process of their MBA or MBL degree being accredited by the CHE
  • Affiliate membership is allocated to individual foreign universities (or equivalent), agencies, national organizations or international management development networks and business entities with an interest in the development and improvement of management education, research and scholarship.
  • Reciprocal membership will be authorised and offered by the Board of Directors in exchange with other associations of business schools in other geographical areas, who, in turn, recognise SABSA as a reciprocal member of their associations.
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Objectives & Benefits

Benefits of Membership

SABSA holds a number of events throughout the year designed to engage with SABSA members and meet the objectives of the Association. These engagements include the bi-annual Deans & Directors meeting, Indaba, Lekgotla focusing on current issues, faculty colloquia, webinars and participation in a variety of other sector specific events.

SABSA promotes the collective interests of its members by providing a forum through with the needs, views, interests, concerns and expectations of its members can be expressed.

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List of Members

Gordon Institute of Business Science
University of Pretoria
Prof Nicola Kleyn


SABSA’S Board of Directors 2018-2020