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Launching of the 5th cohort of the flagship JBS Women’s Leadership development Program 2024 intake

Launching of the 5th cohort of the flagship JBS Women’s Leadership development Program 2024 intake. The progressiveness of this programme is evident in the transformation journey in the university of Johannesburg Read the full article here

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Lessons from the AI Government Readiness Index leaders

Five years ago, geopolitical relationships were relatively stable, technology evolved at a manageable and predictable pace, and the economic growth of countries showed steady improvement following the 2008 financial crisis. Read the full article here

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We must not be scared of AI

We should not be worried about artificial intelligence stealing our jobs, but instead, we should be concerned about the jobs of those who don’t know how to use AI being replaced by people who do know how to use AI. Read the full article here

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Shallow Minds of the Deep Tech Era

In the vibrant tapestry of contemporary society, where information flows as swiftly as the rivers that carved the Earth’s ancient landscapes, an unsettling paradox emerges. The very tools and technologies designed to broaden our horizons and deepen our understanding are, in many instances, leading us towards a precipice of intellectual superficiality. This phenomenon, characterised

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Work, Life, & Careers by Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a proven academic leader in triple accredited business schools in Europe and Africa. He has worked at Stellenbosch Business School (SA), Grenoble Ecole de Management (FR), and Manchester Business School (UK). Insights on work, life, and career paths from a seasoned business school scholar, academic leader, and author. Dive into discussions

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Has the problem of racial representation solved itself?

With the overwhelming number of MBA students today being black, some business schools believe affirmative selection is no longer necessary. Others disagree Read More >>

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Bursaries: Take the money and run

MBA scholarships and bursaries are available, but students have to track them down Corporate pockets may not be as deep as they once were when it comes to sponsoring employees on MBA and MBL programmes, but there are other bursaries and scholarships available if students are prepared to track them down... Read More >>

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MBAs: back to the future

The MBA has undergone huge change in the past three years. But many fundamental building blocks have survived the Covid-induced revolution Read More >>

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Prof Nicolene Barkhuizen appointed as Director: UFS Business School

The University of the Free State (UFS) has appointed Prof Nicolene Barkhuizen as Director of its Business School as from 1 November 2023.   Strong network Prof Barkhuizen holds a PhD in Industrial Psychology from the North-West University and began her academic career as a research assistant at the same institution before gaining lecturing experience at the University of

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Wits University, CAPSI and Mastercard Partner on Youth Employment Research Project in Africa

CAPSI and Mastercard Foundation Partner on Project Geared Towards Youth Employment Research 14 April 2023 - Wits University The project will be carried out in cooperation with an African-led network of academic institutions and will include research and knowledge dissemination. The Mastercard Foundation has provided support to the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment

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