SABSA’S Board of Directors 2021-2023

Dr Randall Jonas
Dr Randall Jonas Chairperson
Dr Catherine Duggan
Dr Catherine DugganVice
Prof Fulu Netswera
Prof Fulu NetsweraVice
Message from the Board

The world as we know it has changed profoundly and the human condition is tested with social distancing, an unthinkable necessity. Man is, after all, a social being. The global lockdown has people embracing several technologies to stay connected and preserve the human story.

The lockdown in many countries has also led to a cessation of non-essential services and education was among the first to go into early recess. How then can educational institutions, especially business schools, continue to offer instruction? Seemingly, going online is the best option to salvage learning and teaching.

Even though online courses were once well outside the mainstream, business schools have all had to go online to meet the needs of their students and stakeholders. The success is, however, subject to technical support and infrastructure, staff capability and skills, student access to data and IT infrastructure.

In addition, making this transition is not easy as business schools face many headwinds: economic decline, reduced funding and rising costs, complexity, competition and socio-political factors. However, the positive development is that online learning increases access and teaching remains and indispensable part of our industry.

SABSA aims for collaborative support of our community to create capacity and strength in the higher education sector.