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Welcome to the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA) homepage.

SABSA aims not only to improve the recognition of the organisation as a representative of SA business schools with government and regulatory bodies, but also to strengthen ties with the business fraternity.

SABSA members all offer MBA or MBL programmes accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Eighteen member business schools are spread geographically around South Africa offering full-time, part-time, modular or executive MBA programmes.  A broad range of Executive Education short courses are also offered.

Visit the members section to locate a school to meet your needs.   

SABSA'S Executive Committee 2016 -2018

 Dr Millard Arnold     Prof Nicola Kleyn  Ahmed ShaikDr Randall Jonas

Executive Director: Dr Millard Arnold        President: Prof Nicola Kleyn              Vice President: Mr Ahmed Shaik   Vice President: Dr Randall Jonas                                                                                   


MBA Entry Requirements from 2016




1. A four year Bachelor’s degree or 

2. A post-graduate Diploma (Business Administraion) at Level 8 or

3. An applicable Honours degree or

4. A RPL process (candidates admitted according to a RPL process cannot comprise more than 10% per intake) 

5. Any additional admission requirements set by the individual business school.





Past President of SABSA: 2014-2016

Prof Owen Skae @OwenSkae

“South Africa can be justifiably proud of its Business Schools, which continue to contribute to the development of leaders and managers in commerce and industry, the public sector and civil society. We have world class institutions that provide the relevant context to prepare leaders and managers for the work challenges and opportunities that confront them. The added advantage of having a diverse grouping of Business Schools, means that any potential MBA candidate can find the school that best fits their needs and aspirations. 


“There is no doubt in my mind that that MBA is still the premier business qualification today. It is widely acknowledged that South Africa’s economic growth is not at a level that is required to create jobs and provide meaningful opportunities for as many of our citizens as possible, particularly the youth. This means that we have to find new ways of meeting the leadership and management challenges of today. The status quo is not working and hence it is critical that South Africa and Africa produces more MBA graduates and probably doubling the number we have, is still not enough.   

“An MBA exposes you to a variety of disciplines, requires you to engage critically with them, provides you with access to a network that is unsurpassed and there is no doubt enhances your career prospects. But most importantly of all, it provides you with an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the development of our country and continent by creating the potential for you to be a more effective leader and manager. This means creating and implementing strategies that make our organisations sustainable, competitive and resilient. This is what we desperately need if our continent is to fulfil its potential. There is no other qualification that provides the means for you to achieve that.”   

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